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Image by Noel Schläfli

Today's Vision, Tomorrow's Reality

At GUD Malta, we're dedicated to turning visions of a sustainable and innovative future into tangible realities. We believe in the power of collaboration and forward-thinking to drive positive change in our community. By working together and embracing the latest advancements, we can create a brighter tomorrow for Malta and its people. 

About Us

GUD Malta is a dynamic organization, bringing together an ever-growing network of international and local experts, as well as environmental enthusiasts, to offer guidance on urban economic planning and engage stakeholders in the journey towards equitable climate transition initiatives. We're committed to educating businesses and individuals on sustainable practices while advocating for policies that support environmentally responsible societies, with a focus on fair distribution of benefits from sustainable development.


Our Mission

GUD Malta is committed to fostering sustainable growth and innovation in Malta by uniting our community in the pursuit of a greener, more connected future. We strive to enhance the lives of the Maltese people through collaborative partnerships, knowledge-sharing, and capacity-building initiatives, including seminars, workshops, awareness campaigns, and networking events. By championing innovative, sustainable urban development projects and integrating sustainability principles in university curricula, we aim to inspire a cultural transformation towards a more eco-conscious future. Our objectives encompass the acceleration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies, the establishment of a sustainable innovation Business Improvement District to transform the Maltese ecosystem, and the empowerment of civil society as agents of meaningful change.

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