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A Glimpse into GUD Malta's Beginnings by Chairman Anthony C. Coleiro

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Why have you decided to establish GUD Malta? It is a great opportunity to be part of a meaningful initiative that is going to have a positive impact on the local community. GUD Malta's on sustainable innovation and inclusive prosperity is an inspiring and worthwhile cause that will contribute to the growth and development of the Maltese economy and society. Furthermore, the establishment of a sustainable innovation community will offer residents an opportunity to gain invaluable insights, skills and experience that will be beneficial for their future. The opportunity to be part of a positive and inspiring movement is something that is hard to come by and Malta will become a hub which shares this gift with other nations. What opportunities will the creation of a Malta Business Improvement District that is focused on promoting sustainable innovation and inclusive prosperity have to offer? Well, apart from making it very possible to transform the business community into a net zero ecosystem by 2030, there are numerous benefits available to Malta: 1. Increased investment: The formation of a Malta Business Improvement District (BID) will create a unified platform for dialogue between businesses and local authorities. This will help to attract private investment and public funding to local businesses, encouraging the growth of sustainable and inclusive prosperity. 2. Improved infrastructure: The BID can help to identify infrastructure improvements needed in order to support the growth of sustainable and inclusive businesses. This could include the development of green energy, smart technology, improved transport and communication networks and more. 3. Appropriate regulation: By working with local authorities, the BID can help to ensure that businesses are operating in accordance with regulations set out by the government to ensure that businesses are doing their part to promote sustainability and inclusive prosperity. The BID can also promote a business-friendly environment where regulations need to evolve to support societal needs. 4. Job creation: The BID can help to create employment opportunities in the local area. This could be done through the development of skills training and apprenticeship programmes, or through the promotion of local businesses to attract new customers and workers. 5. Community engagement: The BID can also help to promote community engagement with local businesses. This could include public campaigns to raise awareness of sustainable and inclusive businesses, or events and activities that bring people together to celebrate the positive impact that the local business community can have on society. What is the most important task for GUD Malta to tackle? It is important to convince all societal stakeholders in Malta that collaboration is key to meeting sustainability objectives because it allows all facets of our society to work together to develop solutions that are beneficial for all. Collaboration encourages consideration of different perspectives and a shared responsibility for creating a sustainable future. By working together, we can identify opportunities to reduce environmental impacts, increase efficiency, and create long-term economic growth. We each play an integral role in creating a sustainable future. For example, businesses can help create jobs, reduce energy consumption, and implement sustainable practices. Non-profits can support environmental initiatives and help promote public awareness of sustainability. Governments can provide resources and create policies that enable sustainable practices. Citizens can engage in civic action and demand sustainable solutions. By recognising the importance of each stakeholder's role, Malta can create a sustainable, innovative and inclusive future.

Now that's exciting!

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