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Conversation with vice-chair Janine Campling

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

What is a Sustainable Innovation Community? Today’s global economy is increasingly driven by innovation. Innovation requires collaboration, communication and a culture of experimentation. A Sustainable Innovation Community can provide a platform for this type of collaboration and creativity, and give birth to generations of green entrepreneurs. At GUD we believe that one can become rich by becoming greener and this goes beyond economical wealth but also relates to societal values and moral wealth. A Sustainable Innovation Community therefore not only focuses on sustainable innovation but also on inclusive prosperity because you can only take a huge leap if no one is left lagging behind. What do you envisage for the Malta Sustainable Innovation Community which GUD Malta is proposing? The Malta Sustainable Innovation Community will foster a collaborative culture between civil society, businesses and the government; and will help to build trust and transparency while also developing the understanding that we are all in this together and all have a role to play towards a prosperous tomorrow. Some of the projects which we will be tackling is to see the creation of a Business Improvement District with sustainable innovation embedded across its platform; to develop educational opportunities that will focus on sustainability trends and prepare the next generation for the world which awaits them, and to empower the community to effect change. Most important is to inspire people that they can achieve a great many things if they put their minds to it. What excites you most about GUD Malta? Well, INNOVATION is often mistaken to be INVENTION when it really is taking existing and often well-conceived concepts and transforming them into elevated iterations. I can't wait for people to see how simple it is to become an innovator.

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