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GUD Malta appoints Justine Gaspar as President and Chair of the Board

As of 10th July 2023, Justine Gaspar will be joining GUD Malta as President and Board Chair, as the Maltese Association moves toward securing its VO status. This follows as former Chairman, Anthony Coleiro, moves on to take up a larger role in supporting sustainable development efforts in Africa.

"Justine brings with her a wealth of board experience and is the ideal candidate for leading our team as we look to undertake sustainability initiatives in Malta and abroad", said vice-chair Franck Massicard.

Justine said, "I am delighted to have been appointed to lead GUD Malta. It is an organisation with an impressive global network, a talented team of sustainability champions and a forward-looking strategy that aims to change mindsets on matters which are most important, such as securing a Just Transition for all. I will be very focused on driving meaningful outcomes in this regard."

Justine is the owner and director of Life Learning Academia Malta, an Edward de Bono Representative, board member of the European Association for Political Consultants and Chair of the EAPC Academy.

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