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GUD Malta welcomes Dr. Prakash Kamtam to its Global Board of Directors

GUD Malta has appointed Dr. Prakash Kamtam as a member of its global Board of Directors.

“We are building out our global Board of Directors and are very privileged to have Dr. Kamtam join us," said Justine Gaspar, President of GUD Malta.

"Dr. Kamtam has a 27-year history of working with a variety of UN entities such as the United Nations University and UN Global Compact. His significant contributions to Environmental and Social Governance have played a key role in shaping the current understanding of inclusive sustainable development. Dr. Kamtam's involvement will further our goal to inspire the formation of sustainable innovation communities worldwide," stated Janine Campling, Vice-Chair of GUD Malta.

Dr. Kamtam is known for his work in urban sustainability and digital transformation, fulfilling dual roles that place a spotlight on climate resilience in smart cities. Currently, at the United Nations University (UNU-EHS) in Bonn, Germany, he leads research on Climate Resilient Smart Cities. Concurrently, he serves as an advisor on Smart Sustainable Cities and Digital Transformation for Atkins, SNC-Lavalin Group in Dubai, focusing on the Middle East region. His work since 2022 has revolved around shaping strategies and policies that align with the UN-SDGs, leveraging emerging technologies. This role builds on a substantial academic foundation, which includes a PhD from the University of Hertfordshire, UK.

Dr. Kamtam began his consultancy career in 2007, offering his expertise to a range of UN-backed initiatives and globally recognised educational institutions, such as De Montfort University in the UK. His career has seen him take on central roles in initiatives with the UNDP in India and the Government of India, where he worked on urban development and e-governance projects, demonstrating a commitment to developing sustainable and knowledge-driven societies worldwide. His published research is extensive, dissecting the fields of urban development and digital technology, with a particular emphasis on inclusive smart cities, participatory climate action, and contemporary governance principles.

GUD Malta is a non-profit organisation dedicated to sustainable urban development and innovation for the common good. Partnering with the UN Habitat World Urban Campaign, GUD Malta utilises an ever-expanding global network of sustainability leaders and experts to create ethical and impactful initiatives. Central to its mission is the development of a high-conviction carbon credit vehicle using nature-based solutions to accelerate land and biodiversity restoration while combating desertification and resource scarcity.

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