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GUD Malta welcomes Gabriella Borda to its global Board of Directors

GUD Malta recently confirmed the appointment of Gabriella Borda to its global Board of Directors.

Gabriella's appointment underscores the organisation's commitment to advancing its sustainability goals, particularly in light of its high-conviction carbon offsetting programme for the Great Green Wall initiative.

Janine Campling, Vice-Chair, expressed her enthusiasm about Gabriella’s appointment to the board: "We are thrilled to welcome Gabriella to our team. Her expertise and proactive approach to sustainability are exactly what GUD Malta needs at this juncture. As we look to advocate for offsetting with social impact and greater accountability within the carbon sector, Gabriella’s passion for accelerating the climate transition will be a great asset to the team."

Justine Gaspar, GUD Malta President, added: "Gabriella has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to sustainable practices and a remarkable ability to engage with and support diverse stakeholders. Her academic and professional journey, marked by a focus on Green Energy and Climate Finance, aligns seamlessly with our strategic vision. Gabriella's fresh perspectives and innovative strategies will be a catalyst for innovative sustainability strategies and practices within GUD Malta."

Gabriella Borda is highly proficient in GHG Emissions Accounting and is actively championing sustainability practices across various sectors at both Maltese and international levels, by providing support to different stakeholders in their sustainability journeys. Gabriella pursued further studies at the Berlin School of Economics & Law, specialising in Green Energy and Climate Finance. Additionally, she serves as a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta, delivering courses related to ESG. Gabriella holds a partnership position at Avvena, a French company specialising in green technology solutions.

GUD Malta is a non-profit organisation focused on sustainable urban development and innovation for the common good. Partnered with the UN-Habitat World Urban Campaign, GUD Malta leverages an expanding global network of sustainability leaders and subject-matter experts to deliver ethical and impactful initiatives. Central to its mission is the creation of a high-conviction carbon credit vehicle for nature-based solutions, designed to accelerate land and biodiversity restoration, whilst combating desertification and resource scarcity.

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