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GUD Malta receives Voluntary Organisation status in Malta

GUD Malta has received its official Voluntary Organisation status in Malta where it plans to play a pivotal role in the sustainability transformation efforts of the island nation.

"We are looking forward to engaging with the Maltese people and business community to create a prosperous and inclusive future for all", said GUD Malta Chair and President, Justine Gaspar. "We recognise the importance of the coming months as we establish our presence in Malta, a nation we believe can make significant contributions to addressing climate challenges."

GUD Malta has a growing global network of sustainable urban development and environmental experts and is partner to UN Habitat's World Urban Campaign as well as carbon offsetting provider to the Great Green Wall communities in Africa. The organisation is committed to sharing global insights and practices to aid local efforts.  

Franck Massicard, Co-Vice Chair, announced, "We welcome the opportunity to join hands with all stakeholders in Malta as we strive for a collective impact on our shared environment." He further added, "As we take our first steps as a recognised Voluntary Organisation in Malta, we understand that there is much to learn from the island's rich history of community resilience and environmental stewardship. GUD Malta enters this space with respect and eagerness to contribute to Malta’s sustainability narrative. We aim not only to share our own experiences but also to learn from the vibrant practices that are already thriving within the Maltese community. It is through this exchange of knowledge and mutual support that we truly embody the spirit of progress."

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